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In loving memory of Tim Webber, the beloved drummer and boisterous vocalist of Killer Flamingos for an incredible 16 years. Tim was a man with a heart of gold, a presence that was larger than life, and a talent that made our live show soar to new heights. His passion for his craft was unparalleled, and the connection he forged with every crowd was nothing short of magical.
Tim was more than just a musician; he was a force of nature. He approached life with boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to improvement. There was no settling for him—always striving to make things better, to push the boundaries, and to create something truly extraordinary. His dedication to his art was matched only by his kindness and thoughtfulness, leaving an indelible mark on all who had the pleasure of crossing his path.

Tim's love and passion graced this world, and we were lucky to have him by our side as bandmates, musical brothers and best friends. To everyone who came to our shows and rocked out with Tim behind the kit through the years, remember how deeply he adored each and every one of you. The stage was his home, and we were all lucky to be invited into his musical living room night after night. 


In addition to his involvement with Killer Flamingos, Tim possessed an intense passion for everything related to music and theater. His exceptional talent and magnetic personality led him to establish the renowned Detroit supergroup, Gordon Bennett, alongside acclaimed musicians such as John Schreffler, Mike Vartanian, Tommy Peacock, and his twin brother, Matt Webber. Subsequently, Tim embarked on a remarkable journey as the former drummer and tour manager for the iconic vocalist Chubby Checker, PBM, and graced the stage of America's Got Talent. He also had the privilege of touring with the esteemed 'Devil With a Blue Dress On' singer, Mitch Ryder. Alongside these accomplishments, Tim took immense pride in owning Tim Webber Presents, a booking agency that tirelessly promoted local bands across various regions.

When Webber wasn't onstage, Tim indulged in his love for travel, cherishing moments with his family and friends. He was a cherished son to Nancy and Robert Webber, a loving brother to Mike (Julia) Webber and Matt Webber. Tim proudly held the title of godfather and uncle to Mike's son, James Webber. He was also the beloved nephew of Gail Bilitzke, Pat (Anna) Browe, Mike (Suzanne) Browe, and Becky Browe. Tim will forever be remembered by our Killer Flamingo family, bandmates: Darren, Todd, Dave, Alyssa and Michelle. Years of musical stages, memories and time spent together.

Tim Webber, your love and talent have graced this world, and we are all the better for it. Each show we play will be given our all in your honor. We love you bud, there will never be another like you! 

-Your Killer Flamingo Brothers & Sisters
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